Thursday, 10 May 2007

Paris Snackbars...Delicabar at Bon Marché

As I live only a few steps away fromt the Bon Marché I am visiting it every Saturday without buying anything. Le Bon Marché also has a little snack bar called Delicabar. I was there for lunch last Saturday and loved it. The food is not cheap but payable and very tasty. Offering salads, sabayones, breakfasts, various vienoisserie and chocolate, they provide manifold snacks, sweets and smaller dishes. They also have a terasse where you can sit outside and relax which is beautyfully decorated. I would really recommend this restaurant for a Saturday Lunch or coffee during shopping. The people visiting the restaurant are more conservative but in a sympathetic way. I will never go shopping at Bon Marché but eating there is a good thing.
Le Bon Marché - Rive Gauche
26 - 28, rue de Sèvres
M: Sèvres-Babylone
Ouvert: Lundi - Vendredi 09:30 - 19:00
Jeudi: 09:30 - 21:00
Samedi: 09:30 - 20:00

Paris Shops...First Time At Colette

Saturday Morning I took my time and went the first time in my live to Colette, a shop of which I heard already so much but unfortunatelly have never been there. My boyfriend already was there and told me that I would be exited but I expected not that much as I finally got. Finally got might be the wrong way to say it, finally much better. When I entered the door there was already the perfect smell reminding me of the wonderful smell of the shower gel in Amsterdam's Dylan Hotel, which I liked so much that I never forgot. First I checked out the ground floor, where I found a perfect selection of cosmetics, CD's, DVD's, magazins and other kitschi stuff. When I say perfect selection I really mean it. You will realize when you go there that someone really made a selective choice what they are selling there. This brings me to another very clever selective person named Kate Moss. She launched her Topshop Collection at Colette, which is a great idea from marketing perspective. After figuring out the ground floor I went upstairs to get an impression on the first floor where Colette arranges their selection of clothes, wonderful clothes. They sell clothes from various designers like Victor&Rolf, Dior, Repetto Shoes, Customes Nationale and many more, but again, selective. The clothes are arranged very special as you see in the pictures but you have to find that out on your own actually.

There is also a restaurant on level -1. It looks nice and the food so mhhhhh. I will definitelly try it when I am there the next time. So if you are in Paris, go to Colette, just enjoy and let the inspiration of this shop flow...and don't miss to look at the beautyful crowd visiting the shop.

213 rue Saint-Honoré - 75001 Paris - France
Tel : 01 55 35 33 90 - Fax : 01 55 35 33 99
Ouvert du lundi au samedi de 11h à 19h
Métro Tuileries ou Pyramides / Bus ligne 68 ou 72

Friday, 4 May 2007

Au Revoir Germany - Welcome to Paris - April 28 - 30, 2007

A dedication to my friends...and only a click to see them
FOTOS OF MY LAST NIGHT IN GERMANY - (Karlsruhe, Schlossgarten, 28th of April)