Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Summer Sale 2007...Go For Les Jeunes Créateurs

Summer...Summer Sale...The best thing about summer sale is that it still takes place in summer. You can find clothes for half of the price than one month before and you are able to wear them immediatelly and at least for more than two months. In Paris it started today but yesterday I made my way to the 10th Arrondissement, rue Beaurepaire, where young designers sell their last seasons clothes at very reasonable prices. This was an initiative of tow young designers called called Jennifer (Les Créatures) and Alix (KaiFi) who decided to bring young designers at one place together. The selection is made spontanée by heart. They sell not just clothes, you will also find jewellery, bags and accessoires for the apartment.

My personal opinion on this event is that there is a nice selection of clothes but many of them are similiar and remind me of "Alice in Wonderland". Don't get me wrong, the clothes are still nice but do not really differ from each other. If you search a nice leather bag for a reasonable price you are definitelly right. The créateurs of Matières à Réflexion sell a nice range of urban bags which can be used everyday. If I wouldn't already have a "daily bag" I would have baught one of hers.

At the espace I baught this nice Jacket by Tamara Moreno (40 EUR only) and right around corner I found the body by American Apparel - I went home in a good mood because I think the combination of both find is manifique.


Sale June 26 - July 1

Espace Beaurepaire

28, rue Beaurepaire

M: République

Good To Know: They accept no cards for payment!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Summer Fashion...How To Dress For Paris Plage

At 21st of June summer started. It is only one moth to go and by mid of July, Paris Plage (19th of July to 19th of August) will arrive as well. It is my first summer in Paris and to be well prepared I will go jogging twice a week combined with one hour pilates training twice a week. Far more important than following a weekly training is finding a perfect fitting bathing suit or bikini...or...of course both. I'm not a brand-addict-person but I think there is one brand to shop for the nicest bathing suits and bikinis called ERES. ERES offers a great collection of beach wear with simple but unique cuts and colours. Their pieces build an unity with the body without trying to attract the notice. ERES beach wear is a very decent and elegant and leaves room for accessoires like a Missoni Headband or nice jewellery.

According to my opinion this is exacly what I real lady would wear for example at Paris Plage.

Watch The Windows - You May Like It

Marching around in the 7th arrondissement near the Bon Marché, I came across the decoration of the Moschino Boutique (33, Rue St Guillaume) window. I think it a absolutelly adorable and more an artwork than decoration.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Difficult To Find...The Perfect Trench

I'm waiting for summer sale to find the perfect trench. This is something I wanted to invest in since 2 years, but now I am sure that it makes no sense to live in Paris without one. I discovered a nice trench at the Marc Jacobs Boutique at Palais Royal but still size zero is a bit trop grand for me. This sounds strange and I should be lucky but it is not nice to have the kind of body where jeans never ever fit and have to be baught either in medium than small with regards to the fact that I am quite petite and where tops and jackets are always trop grand.

The perfect trenchcoat would have:

  • the perfect colour - preferably the classic beige like the classic Burberry trench

  • the perfect cut

  • very good quality

  • the right lengh with regards to my size

The Burberry Trenches fit perfect in size 8 and I am sure that they will stay togehter forever...but 1000 EUR is far a bit too expensive. Maybe I should pay this amount anyway because as I wrote before we will stay together a lifetime.I attached some pictures with trenches I like (Marc Jacobs, Moschino) and I have the money for...and the classic Burberry I do not have the money for.

Do you have an advice? In which trenchcoat did you invest and why?

Un Style Exceptionel...Julia von Boehm (Styliste Vogue France)

Since we moved to Paris, I also started to read the Paris Vogue.
What I really like is the section "Une fille - un style". I came across the name "Julia von Boehm" I already read in the impressum. She is a young german woman (from Heidelberg where we came from) who first was an assistant to Carine Roitfeld and is now working as a stylist for Paris Vogue. I came across lots of pictures of her and I think her style is adorable...she is like a younger blonde Roitfeld. Compared to many of the stylish girls walking through Paris which are dressed very classy, but sometimes boring, she has the class but with mixed with a touch of Rock N' the way she wears her hair, her jewellery or her unobtrusive bag. She has what style icons have...the certain something which makes you want to look at them forever. This is not something which can be learned or trained...either you have it or you don't have it. It is not only about clothes, but also about hair and make-up. Julia's hair is adorable, but she doesn't have to try hard even without a mirror it will look great. I think her style is a real "enrichissement" and a great inspiration!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Paris Restaurants...Le Refectoire

Since we moved to Paris our restaurants experiences go from top to flop. Last Saturday I decided to invite my baby for dinner. We went to Oberkampf in the 11th Arrondissement. Oberkampf is a quartier in Paris I like a lot because there are no tourists compared to St. Germain where we live. I chose a restaurant called "Le Refectoire" and I must have read about it in some Paris block (unfortunately I cannot remember which one).

The inside inside of the restaurant is very reduced, comfortable and enlighted with some great decoration details like a creatively painted wall - also the restroom is worth a go.
We ordered three courses for the price of 28 EUR per person. This was not expensive for the quality the offered. The food was fresh, original and nicely arranged. Le Refectoire met my expectations for all criteria and when I have guests visiting I would consider it as a perfect venue to have dinner before going out...not too sophisticated but still with style...and what is most important...tasty food and selected wine.

Le Réfectoire - 80, bd Richard Lenoir - 75011 Paris - Tel.: 01 48 06 74 85 - M: St. Ambroise or Richard Lenoir

Thursday, 7 June 2007


Two weeks ago my friend Lisa from Germany came for a 4-days visit to Paris. After a tour around Belleville, we walked down to Oberkampf. After an interesting conversation combined with fresh salad and coffee in one of the coffees Oberkampf we came across a nice boutique called Lilei. They are selling interesting pieces of clothes for really reasonable prices. I was not convinced of the quality and design of everything in the shop but I think it is worth a look because there are still a lot of beautyful things to discover. The shop is located on a quiet street and is not really obvious to find. You can locate the street via From now on I will go there more often to see whether they have new things coming in. Besides, I think it is important to go for young designers as well to support their work that they can invest more. If everybody would just buy the big names such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, fashion would be quite boring and just consist of chains and luxery brands. I'm enclosing some pictures of the Lilei collection to give you an impression in which direction it goes. A propos...I found a nice blazer there. Picture will be added asap!

43, rue de la Folie Méricourt
75011 Paris
tel : 01 48 06 98 37

Paris Boutiques...Surface To Air

Strolling around in Paris on a rainy Saturday afternoon around my favorite places such as Colette and the Palais Royal, I discovered a really nice shop called surface2air. I really liked the clothes they are selling as those are very Rock'N Roll combined with classic pieces as well as little Paris Girl Robes with a romantic attidude. Beside of the clothes there was also a very nice atmosphere in the shop (combination of nice music and nice reduced decoration). The staff was very nice, friendly and relaxed. Today I made some enquiries in the internet and found out that surface2air is a creative studio/boutique operating in art, fashion and communication. In total there are 14 people of different origins and backgrounds based in Paris.

The group consists of:

Creative direction and consultancy studio operating worldwide in high-end fashion, art and luxury markets.

SURFACE TO AIR MEN PARIS collection (est.2004)
Menswear brand designed in collaboration with Nicolas Andreas Taralis.Distributed in our own Paris store located near the Louvre Museum and presenting a selection of the most promising designers.

RENDEZ-VOUS (est.2003)
High-end fashion trade event, gathering more than 130 emerging and confirmed designers 4 times a year in luxury spaces in the centre of Paris. Attracting more than 20,000 professionals & press visitors a year, Rendez-Vous also acts as a talent scouting and consultancy office for major fashion houses and buying offices in Europe.

46, rue de L'Arbre
75001 PARIST
+ 33 1 49 27 04 54

Paris Jazz Restaurants...Chez Papa à St. Germain

Yesterday was one of those evenings where I left with motivation do faire some jogging at the Seine. When I entered my apartment I decided to go out for drinks and petite dinner with my boyfriend. We walked around St. Germain which is pretty touristic, discovered some nice restaurants at rue Dragon we will try next. As the baby wanted to have some more fresh air and not sit in a small street we walked up to BD St. Germain and found a small and nicely decorated Jazz Restaurant called "Chez Papa". It's very near at "Les Deux Margots" if you just walk around the corner. There are many other restaurants but for my taste those are too touristic. Voilà. We ordered the vin de la maison and it tasted pretty good. Staff was exceptionally friendly for Paris and the piona jazz concert also très agrèable. It is not cheap... but tell me what is nice and cheap in Paris? We left nicely on the border of being a little drunk and walked away with the piona sounds still in our ears. That night I slept wonderful. I have no idea whether it was the wine, the piano or something else.
For the near summer evenings we will definitelly go there again.
Chez Papa
6, rue Saint Benoît 75006
Tel: 01-42-86-99-63
Saint-Germain des Près