Monday, 11 January 2010

Parisienne Style...Missing

Welcome to the New Year 2010 on my blog! After leaving Paris behind and moving to Vienne, I honestly hope to find more time to take care of my writing.

The New Year started very quiet in our new home at Austria. I am still busy finding my place in this city but at the same time I cannot resist looking back.

As sad as it may sound but from a fashionable and inspirational point of view my New Year started with a strong longing for our post parisian live. Right now I am following regularly the online diary of Olivier Zahm in order to get some views on Paris and parisian style. Who really caught my eye is his girl friend Natacha Ramsay. For me she is the incarnation of a Parisienne. She dresses and poses with sophistication and a certain nonchalance which jumpes into my eyes on every single photo. It may sound strange but for me it is comforting to have a real time report from my favorite city with the most elegant inhabitants I can imagine.

I know that now it is time go on and keep the little parisienne in me. Still I am thankful for the time I spent in the city of lights and especially for the most most precious souvenir I will always have with me.