Friday, 12 February 2010

Some Sad Thoughts...

Yesterday the 40 year old british designer Alexander McQueen passed away. It is always sad when someone dies, but it is even more conspicuous when this happens so often these days. The talents who are in the focus of public, die young, sad and alone. Heath Ledger, Dash Snow, Adam Goldstein, Brittany Murphy and now Alexander McQueen. They all passed away in the last five years under tragic circumstances. What is happening afterwards? Their death is being discussed in every single detail by the media, they earn millions of posts and everybody has to say something. With "everybody" I mean people that are neither family nor close friends. Some weeks pass on and everybody quickly forgets about what just recently happened.

Our world is turning too fast and becomes too easily too free of morals and this could be the reason why tragedies heap up. I hope that these people can rest in peace at another place.