Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Seasons Change...So Do Preferences

When I was young, really young (teenage years and early adulthood) I could never imagine wearing polo shirts or moccasins. For me all this was far away, "rich kids parents look" and something I would avoid to get in touch with. When I was 13, I baught myself some Dr. Martens Vintage 1460 8 Eye Boot with flower print in London, when I was 16 I loved vintage ADIDAS sneakers, afterwards I had a faible for the highest heel possible and since I am in Paris I collect Repetto ballerinas. Now that I am a mother flats are much more convenient. Coming back to the beginning, I expressed that I always had a certain dislike for certain fashion elements like the moccasin. Last week, after a discussion with my concubin I decided that I needed one...DESPERATELY. There it was, I went for a marine blue classic suede Tod's model.
Without having any clue where this strong wish came from I read Grazia France and Jalouse magazine. Both mentioned the moccasin as essential piece for the coming season. Jalouse magazine even made a wonderful editorial about the collaboration of luxury shoe manufacturer J.M. Weston with la cool&hip de Paris like Olivier Zahm, André, Olympia Le Tan, Kitsuné and more. Each one had the chance to pick a classic model and re-design in order to give it a personal touch. The result is exclusively available at Colette from 11th to 17th of October.
This is exactly what I like about fashion. Even the most bourgeois and conservative piece has its flexibility. For me this fall there is nothing more unconventional (style-wise) than wearing a traditional moccasin.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Beautiful Stays Beautiful

Sienna Miller once known as a "trend-setter" was one of the first ladies wearing Ray Ban sunglasses before they were everywere. She might have been one of the most stylish women in 2005 before the split with Jude Law. Since then she only got negative press about her love live. Being not so much interested in her affairs, I really love one of her latest pictures, where she looks georgeous with sun classes that would make the majority of people look very unflattering. Very well done and thanks for replacing the Ray Bans.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Coco Avant Karl

I just returned from the cinema where I was watching "Coco Avant Chanel". As always when you return from cinema you reflect the subject. Just a few thoughts I would like to note down before going to bed...Obviously, Gabrielle Chanel's life was complete but sad. For me it is nearly unbelievable how Karl Lagerfeld's life could be so similar. He is also incredibly successful with what he does, which makes him dependend on his work which again makes his live complete in a way. But...and that is a sad fact, he must also be very lonely after the loss of the love of his life. Like Gabrielle Chanel, he was never seen with someone who is close to him (apart from many friends and admirer).
I wonder if, after Karl, the "Chanel curse" will stop here.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Le Baron Experience

“Mostly, models are cheesy and stupid,” Mr. Saraiva said. “They show up with tacky men who think they are kings of the world because they have a driver and expensive clothes. A guy that looks like a bum is more likely to get into one of my places.”
André Saraiva,
NYT Interview 2007

After having read that very promising statement, I went to
Le Baron Paris the first time last Saturday. After nearly three years in Paris, I always wanted to go but somehow never made it. So I waited for the visit of friends who would really appreciate a night at a unique venue. People at the door were likable and cool and the venue itself was as beautiful as stated in any magazine or on any internet site. The problem on that special Saturday was more in the party crowd itsself. The ones who could be found inside where either beautiful women who tried so hard to look like models, pretentious men and very young school kids. My friend, who organized parties himself, observed that this crowd consists of two types of customers (usage of the word "customer" on purpose): the once who want to be watched and the once who watch. Both are dependend on each other. I was more the watching type I guess because, as I already stated at the door, I did not know anyone who goes to Le Baron on a regular basis. While smoking a cigarette outside, I discovered a stretch limousine for rent on the other side of the street. Right away I remembered the interview and asked myself how this corresponds? Isn't there anything more cheesy then renting a stretch limousine or is it just cheesy going clubbing on Saturdays?

We went home with the in-house english cab at a late time for a new mother and early for a parisian night. In bed I came to the conclusion that any original club needs a permanently cool crowd to be watched and customers who finance the soirées("tacky men who think they are kings of the world because they have a driver and expensive clothes"). There is no space left over for idealism.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Jil Sander Spring 2009 Campaign

The fact that a fashion group with german origins has published an amazingly outstanding advertising campaign for spring 2009 is worth a post. The campaign shot by the belge photograper Willy Vanderperre captures all the characteristic criterias Jil Sander stands for: Timelessness, Classicism and Minimalism. It's a "Natasha Poly only" campaign styled by Oliver Rizzo who is a stylist, consultant and freelance fashion editor.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Soldes In Paris And A New Favorite...

After having given birth to my little baby girl in December, I decided to remunerate myself and go for the winter sale in Paris. In the little spare time I have right now, I went through the shops in St. Germain (rue de Grenelle, Bon Marché, rue du Four, rue Chèrche Midi) and was quite disappointed. The universal french affordable brands like Gerard Darel, Maje, Sandro and Manoush left me with the impression that they create the same type of clothing season by season. The Bon Marché made me smile when I see a pair of shoes (orginal price 400 EUR reduced to 360 EUR). Nevertheless the majority of the consumers seemed to be quite happy and shopped like crazy. The only think I could buy in peace with myself was a pair of Ferragamo Vara low heel ballerines reduced to 125 EUR.

Two weeks later when strolling down rue du Bac with my baby, I discovered a small boutique with the very small sign in the window (70 % for the whole winter collection). As the interieur looked very chic with a quite expensive carpet on the floor, I decided to go there in the evening without baby carriage.

This evening the Paris winter sale started for me. It was indeed true that it was 70 % on any piece (shoes and clothing) of the winter collection. The owner has chosen a wonderful range of different fashion talents like Philipp Lim, Kris Van Assche, A.F. Vanderforst, Alessandro Dell'Acqua a.s.o. I did not find any french name in the whole boutique which explains maybe the diversity of the pieces. Don't get me wrong. I love "french fashion"...but it can be frustrating to see very similar pieces like the "Chloé Style Dresses" season over season again. After a professional consultation by the owner, I decided to go for a Véronique Branquinho lana wool pullover, a Loeffler Randall jacket and a Twin-Set cashemere and silk pullover.

For the futur this shop will be my address for all Paris Sales. According to my opinion it is one of the best designer shops in Paris with the most private atmosphere and the most friendly owner.

Suite 114 rue du Bac
114, rue du Bac
75007 Paris
M: Sèvres-Babylone
Photos by artist Isabelle de Scitivaux