Friday, 27 February 2009

Le Baron Experience

“Mostly, models are cheesy and stupid,” Mr. Saraiva said. “They show up with tacky men who think they are kings of the world because they have a driver and expensive clothes. A guy that looks like a bum is more likely to get into one of my places.”
André Saraiva,
NYT Interview 2007

After having read that very promising statement, I went to
Le Baron Paris the first time last Saturday. After nearly three years in Paris, I always wanted to go but somehow never made it. So I waited for the visit of friends who would really appreciate a night at a unique venue. People at the door were likable and cool and the venue itself was as beautiful as stated in any magazine or on any internet site. The problem on that special Saturday was more in the party crowd itsself. The ones who could be found inside where either beautiful women who tried so hard to look like models, pretentious men and very young school kids. My friend, who organized parties himself, observed that this crowd consists of two types of customers (usage of the word "customer" on purpose): the once who want to be watched and the once who watch. Both are dependend on each other. I was more the watching type I guess because, as I already stated at the door, I did not know anyone who goes to Le Baron on a regular basis. While smoking a cigarette outside, I discovered a stretch limousine for rent on the other side of the street. Right away I remembered the interview and asked myself how this corresponds? Isn't there anything more cheesy then renting a stretch limousine or is it just cheesy going clubbing on Saturdays?

We went home with the in-house english cab at a late time for a new mother and early for a parisian night. In bed I came to the conclusion that any original club needs a permanently cool crowd to be watched and customers who finance the soirées("tacky men who think they are kings of the world because they have a driver and expensive clothes"). There is no space left over for idealism.

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