Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Soldes In Paris And A New Favorite...

After having given birth to my little baby girl in December, I decided to remunerate myself and go for the winter sale in Paris. In the little spare time I have right now, I went through the shops in St. Germain (rue de Grenelle, Bon Marché, rue du Four, rue Chèrche Midi) and was quite disappointed. The universal french affordable brands like Gerard Darel, Maje, Sandro and Manoush left me with the impression that they create the same type of clothing season by season. The Bon Marché made me smile when I see a pair of shoes (orginal price 400 EUR reduced to 360 EUR). Nevertheless the majority of the consumers seemed to be quite happy and shopped like crazy. The only think I could buy in peace with myself was a pair of Ferragamo Vara low heel ballerines reduced to 125 EUR.

Two weeks later when strolling down rue du Bac with my baby, I discovered a small boutique with the very small sign in the window (70 % for the whole winter collection). As the interieur looked very chic with a quite expensive carpet on the floor, I decided to go there in the evening without baby carriage.

This evening the Paris winter sale started for me. It was indeed true that it was 70 % on any piece (shoes and clothing) of the winter collection. The owner has chosen a wonderful range of different fashion talents like Philipp Lim, Kris Van Assche, A.F. Vanderforst, Alessandro Dell'Acqua a.s.o. I did not find any french name in the whole boutique which explains maybe the diversity of the pieces. Don't get me wrong. I love "french fashion"...but it can be frustrating to see very similar pieces like the "Chloé Style Dresses" season over season again. After a professional consultation by the owner, I decided to go for a Véronique Branquinho lana wool pullover, a Loeffler Randall jacket and a Twin-Set cashemere and silk pullover.

For the futur this shop will be my address for all Paris Sales. According to my opinion it is one of the best designer shops in Paris with the most private atmosphere and the most friendly owner.

Suite 114 rue du Bac
114, rue du Bac
75007 Paris
M: Sèvres-Babylone
Photos by artist Isabelle de Scitivaux

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isabelle de Scitivaux said...

Hello, it's fun to see my pictures on your blog. That's true, suite 114 is THE shop to follow in Paris now...