Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Modern Men...Experiences You Can Buy

Today I had a look at the Rakehells Revels web site because I would like to visit one of David PIPER'S parties London Tuesdays at the grill room. Scrolling down I came accross the following:

I couldn't believe it and checked

This means for 500 pounds and dinner invite to a sophisticated restaurant you can buy a date with a cad of your choice. Sounds like nothing new...emancipation of women already started in 1960 so why should we not buy the escort of a stylish men for money?

The special thing about this service is, that he will not treat you according to the usual "escort rules". You will not buy love you will buy an adventure. Adventure means in this case that you will have a date with:

1. An experienced man who will always have his eyes on several women in parallel -> does not every man whose libido is still alive do this?

2. A man who has enaugh good-quality personal stories to tell

3. A man who is stylish creative, charming with good manners -> rare

Isn't that what every woman wants? To be honest I agree to the concept because I don't want a date with a man who has just eyes for me and tells me right away that I am the love of his live. My boyfriend never did that and it worked since six years.

The other side is that I don't want to pay for a date. If everything is an illusion the score of the game is already set and this is somehow disappointing.

To summarize:

1. I agree that from a psychological point of view the whole concept is quite reasoned.

2. From a practical point of view I feel sorry for the cads because the customers will consist of desperate middle-aged wealthy women who don't know how to experience life on their own or with the man they once loved for whatever reason.

3. From a moral point of view I totally disagree because deep in my heart I am quite idealistic and romantic.

Nevertheless, good to know that you can buy anything and good to know that I don't have the money for it.

Shorts For Men...Go Or No Go?

My boyfriend boyfriend is hot but he is really hot in summer which means that wearing long pants or jeans combined with leather shoes is a bit unconfortable when temperature rises to 30 degrees. I asked him why he doesn't wear shorts or bermudas for men either combined with a chick chemisier or polo and leather flip flops. HE WILL NEVER EVER DO THAT. He considers it as discrimination of men's style and clothes.

Today I was reading the blog of "The Sartorialist" (I could observe live during the men fashion shows in Paris) and I came across some photos he took in Italy this and last year.

I really think the italian guys posted are gentlemen-like and effortlessly chic wearing shorts and flip flops. This prooves again: Italian men simply know how to do fashion!


Ulrich Muehe

This is post dedicated to the german actor Ulrich Muehe who died of stomach cancer on Sunday (22nd July 2007). He was only 54 years old and I am deeply touched about this because he was one of my favorite german artists who made me proud to be german. Internationally, he was well-known for the film "Das Leben der Anderen" ("La vie des autres") for which he received the Best Actor Award at the 2006 European Film Awards and which is still shown in parisien cinemas. His TV Series "Der letze Zeuge" ("Le dernier termoin"), also received various awards (Telestar and Deutscher Fernsehpreis) and is currently shown on ARTE TV every Monday at 20:40.

"Marc, Are You Joking?"

I just read a funny post on "label-istas" posted by Susie Bubble. This made me think of an experience I made last week having a stroll through the Palais Royal with including a stop at Marc Jacobs. From the outside Ialready saw that the shop was incredibly crowded with teen girls wearing flip-flops, hoodies and hot pants and all left the shop again with 1-2 bags. Entering the boutique it looked more like a disordered H&M store....but...there it was:

This wonderful canvas bags "Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs" with either a clown looking like the one from Stephen Kings Horror Movies and another with a really big "Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs" on it (Price: 12 Dollars and in Europe between 10-20 EUR), also available in plastic instead of Canvas. It reminded me of the bags I buy in the supermarket to contribute to the protection of our environment. One of the vendors in the shop told me that there was a "big run" for those bags and that those are also available with Debby Harry's face on it which is for Charity -> which is ok.

  1. First of all I am a bit shocked that a designer like Marc pretending to live his life driven by creativity does something uncreative like this? Maybe he thinks the joke on the bag is creative and I have not enaugh humor to understand.

  2. Secondly, I am quite disappointed that makes a recommendation like this. Is really called STYLE or is this - again - just a joke of the author who declares it as a joke by Marc Jacobs?

And to close this post, I ask myself for what reason you should make a buy like that? To walk down Rue Faubourg St. Honoré I guess...poor "label-istas".

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

French Style...

The style of french women is so often discussed that I don't want to use words for it.

Simply look at thispicture of the front row of the Paris Fashion Week - Autumn/Winter 2007-2008 - Haute Couture - Chanel Show - it is pretty self-explanatory - without words btw.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A Post Dedicated To The Libido Of A Shoe Fetishist

As VMag thinks that shoes have never been as sexy as this season they decided to make a series of photos of falls most exiting shoes which show that the shoe is the place where sexual attraction of a woman comes from (Ladies, you have keep that in mind). The photos shot by photographer Bella Borsodi, who is famous for photographing fashion accessoires in a very special way, are full of humour and will hopefully make you smile...and that's the special thing about it...usually a fashion shoot isn't funny, expecially not a sexy shoot.

Shoe Brands shown:




Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière


Dior by John Galliano

Calvin Klein

Giuseppe Zanotti


To Be Continued...Before And After

Photographers Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin created a series of photos for New York's VMagazine where the show two faces of the current modes on top. They shot them walking right into the door and then they made a second photo influenced by editors, hair stylists make up an dressed in the new collection for fall. Check out all photos in VMag

My Beautyful Friends

My friend Miriam won a special for a make-up shoot with Glamour Germany. It is a kind of "Before And After Series" which should visualize the impact of the right make-up products (and to sell of course lots of them).

She is a lucky girl because for one day make up artists, coiffeurs and photographers will look exclusivly after her and her appearance (which is the benefitial part of it).

The results they reached are great but she has a face which also looks very good without make up. As a conclusion I would say the results are fine and some tips and tricks are good to know but especially she does not necessarily have to go for so much make up to look great.

Here is the scan. My friend is the one with the bambi eyes...

GOGOGO...Net-A-Porter...Leave With Black Suede Peep Toe Platforms

What I always do: Have a look at the Net-A-Porter-Site

What I never do: Buy anything

What I always do: Dream of wearing most of the pieces being selled in this shop

My favorite summer sale item - 2 trends in one:

- Peep Toe

- Platform

and most benefitial: They can be worn in summer as well as in winter.


Black suede brogue detail peep-toe shoes with 120mm heel and curved 30mm gold platform.
Price €495.00 WAS
€297.00 NOW

Stunning Woman Meets Stunning Dress

This is a photo of Natalia Vodianova wearing a pink Giambattista Valli Silk Dress at the annual Serpentine Gallery Party 2007. The dress is wonderful but not easy to wear without the perfect body. Natalia three months pregnant with her 3rd child is looking lolita-like and stunning as ever.
I also like the all the other short dresses of the Gambista Valli Summer 2007 collections. If one has the legs and the face for it, there could be no more glamorous evening dress.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Is It the Person Who Makes the Outfit Or The Outfit The Person?

I came over this photo of Kate Moss today and I think it makes it pretty obvious.

The Outfit consisting of:

  • 1 simple but for sure expensive Blazer -> You would rather spot ladies who got a bit long in the tooth
  • a black t-shirt combined with a black spencer -> really nothing new
  • the good old skinny jean -> everybody is wearing it
  • black varnish ballet pumps (I am obsessed with those and have 3 pairs but I have to admit) - nothing revolutionary

There are not many people who would make such noble but very simple, close to boring outfit look exiting. She does it...over and over again, year by year. The more boring the outfit, the more exciting gets Kate.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Will We All Be Married At Some Point Of Time? What Will We Be Wearing?

Today a school mate of my Gymnasium class left a comment on my blog. Last sentence was "…Wedding on Saturday"
I always thaught that I will be young forever…just dreaming about my wedding at the perfect place in the perfect dress with the perfect man.
Now I am learning that when your come closer to the age of 30 years - more and more people you know will marry. I cannot really imagine that I will ever do, but I am happy for those who are happy with their decision. Don't get me wrong I am totally confident that my baby is my men forever but getting married for me is "THE BIG STEP" which states I am not young anymore. Maybe I will change rings also at some point of time but I am really sure that I will not do this "my house, 2 cars, 2 children, half-day unfilling job" thing. This picture represents one of my fears and for me it represents "K. your fun life is ending exactly now…123"!
Coming back to the perfect wedding dress…My friend Julsie recently had a last minute wedding in the register office under a totally relaxed atmosphere in a totally relaxed mood. It was different from anything I saw before and so was the dress.
She is a very beautyful very female woman with nice curves and she wore the greatest dress I could emagine to emphasize on those. It was a chrochet dress in black and white (remembered me of Missoni prints) and she combined it with a "kiss to heaven" red lipstick. Because it was still very could outside she had a poncho she baught in Chile around her shoulders. What a beautyful bride! Her wedding in church wedding follows in a few weeks and I am already exited to see what she looked like.

BTW: THIS IS THE WEDDING DRESS I AM DREAMING OF - Armani Privée - Perfect presentation by the french model Morgane Dubled

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Men's fashion spring summer 2008: Defilé Jeroen Van Tuyl S/S 2008

Lucky Girl! My membership at Icqons made me receive an invitation to defilé of Jeroen Von Tuyl , a fashion label created in 2000 based in the Netherlands. Jeroen van Tuyl and Edwin de Rooij founded it after graduation of from the Arnhem Institute for the Arts.
The defilé took place on Saturday at 10:00am. This meant that I had to get out of bed at 08:00am to find the time to get myself ready (for sure I don't want to look "undone" when standing between all those fashionable people) and to take the metro and find the place on Rue Marceau. I got there early and learned that fashion shows will never start on time and that the most important guests will arrive late but seated first. To get an impression of my importance I got standing place last. Being a decent girl I was just pleased to watch the show…
It was called "Tulip" the flower of spring. Dominating colours were black, white, grey and purple pieces and the invitation gave a first clue. Main inspiration for the show was again last seasons shorts combined with wool socks. The designs were simple, slender and close-fitting. Shorts were combined with grandfather-wool pullovers and flip flops or either sartorial evening shoes. Trenchcoats were part of the show and alleviated the intended smugness of the wool pullovers. To aggravate on the simle appearance of the models, accessoires were not part of it.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Fashion People: Men's fashion spring summer 2008 in Paris

From June 28th to July 1st 2007, men fashion shows took place in Paris. Unfortunatelly I was only able to watch one fashion show about which I will post later. Sunday I headed up to 16th arrondissement to Trocadéro, where the Paul Smith show took place. My plans where just to enjoy the looks of fashion people outside Musée de L'Homme and take some photos. As expected, I was not alone following this activity. There were others, really famous bloggers like The Sartorialist, and The Facehunter, already there. I think they were also lucky to visit the show, in comparison to myself. For my part, I decided to be happy with just taking photos outside because I would have no chance to get in anyway. I tried to visist the Ann Demeulemeester show without invitation the day before, stood 1 hour in the "standing" line and exactly the 5 teens from the Netherlands who were standing in front of me got in. I am not a very dominant or loud person and I absolutelly refuse to behave like that and ask the press responsible to let me in like a crazy groupie. Maybe that's bad luck for me...

I hope to add some value with my pictures and try to avoid to many double posts.

Enjoy the fashionable crowd!


This Week-End I thaught how precious time really is. I was alone in our apartment because my baby was gone and I had no plans for the week-end. In Germany I my whole week-end was divided in time sequences where I already knew what I will do.
I started with a 3 hour phone call and one bottle of red wine Thursday evening, continued with cooking, reading, watching soaps Friday evening followed by Saturday walking around in Paris to visit the venues where the men's fashion shows spring summer 2008 took place, then, again phone calls until late evening, cleaning up until far after midnight and Sunday just wasting time by reading magazines, cooking and decorating the apartment.

Sunday afternoon the apartment was in good shape and I felt very relaxed because I just did what I liked without making any notice of any clock!

Being alone from time to time is not as bad as everybody says. Try it! Stay alone for a week-end, waste time and chill - Could be more effective than a stay in the greatest wellness resort in the world.

PS: Taking pictures was part of my "wasting time activities".