Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Shorts For Men...Go Or No Go?

My boyfriend boyfriend is hot but he is really hot in summer which means that wearing long pants or jeans combined with leather shoes is a bit unconfortable when temperature rises to 30 degrees. I asked him why he doesn't wear shorts or bermudas for men either combined with a chick chemisier or polo and leather flip flops. HE WILL NEVER EVER DO THAT. He considers it as discrimination of men's style and clothes.

Today I was reading the blog of "The Sartorialist" (I could observe live during the men fashion shows in Paris) and I came across some photos he took in Italy this and last year.

I really think the italian guys posted are gentlemen-like and effortlessly chic wearing shorts and flip flops. This prooves again: Italian men simply know how to do fashion!


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