Thursday, 5 July 2007

Men's fashion spring summer 2008: Defilé Jeroen Van Tuyl S/S 2008

Lucky Girl! My membership at Icqons made me receive an invitation to defilé of Jeroen Von Tuyl , a fashion label created in 2000 based in the Netherlands. Jeroen van Tuyl and Edwin de Rooij founded it after graduation of from the Arnhem Institute for the Arts.
The defilé took place on Saturday at 10:00am. This meant that I had to get out of bed at 08:00am to find the time to get myself ready (for sure I don't want to look "undone" when standing between all those fashionable people) and to take the metro and find the place on Rue Marceau. I got there early and learned that fashion shows will never start on time and that the most important guests will arrive late but seated first. To get an impression of my importance I got standing place last. Being a decent girl I was just pleased to watch the show…
It was called "Tulip" the flower of spring. Dominating colours were black, white, grey and purple pieces and the invitation gave a first clue. Main inspiration for the show was again last seasons shorts combined with wool socks. The designs were simple, slender and close-fitting. Shorts were combined with grandfather-wool pullovers and flip flops or either sartorial evening shoes. Trenchcoats were part of the show and alleviated the intended smugness of the wool pullovers. To aggravate on the simle appearance of the models, accessoires were not part of it.

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