Wednesday, 18 July 2007

My Beautyful Friends

My friend Miriam won a special for a make-up shoot with Glamour Germany. It is a kind of "Before And After Series" which should visualize the impact of the right make-up products (and to sell of course lots of them).

She is a lucky girl because for one day make up artists, coiffeurs and photographers will look exclusivly after her and her appearance (which is the benefitial part of it).

The results they reached are great but she has a face which also looks very good without make up. As a conclusion I would say the results are fine and some tips and tricks are good to know but especially she does not necessarily have to go for so much make up to look great.

Here is the scan. My friend is the one with the bambi eyes...

1 comment:

gilda said...

oh wow, she's really pretty, with and without makeup.