Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Modern Men...Experiences You Can Buy

Today I had a look at the Rakehells Revels web site because I would like to visit one of David PIPER'S parties London Tuesdays at the grill room. Scrolling down I came accross the following:

I couldn't believe it and checked

This means for 500 pounds and dinner invite to a sophisticated restaurant you can buy a date with a cad of your choice. Sounds like nothing new...emancipation of women already started in 1960 so why should we not buy the escort of a stylish men for money?

The special thing about this service is, that he will not treat you according to the usual "escort rules". You will not buy love you will buy an adventure. Adventure means in this case that you will have a date with:

1. An experienced man who will always have his eyes on several women in parallel -> does not every man whose libido is still alive do this?

2. A man who has enaugh good-quality personal stories to tell

3. A man who is stylish creative, charming with good manners -> rare

Isn't that what every woman wants? To be honest I agree to the concept because I don't want a date with a man who has just eyes for me and tells me right away that I am the love of his live. My boyfriend never did that and it worked since six years.

The other side is that I don't want to pay for a date. If everything is an illusion the score of the game is already set and this is somehow disappointing.

To summarize:

1. I agree that from a psychological point of view the whole concept is quite reasoned.

2. From a practical point of view I feel sorry for the cads because the customers will consist of desperate middle-aged wealthy women who don't know how to experience life on their own or with the man they once loved for whatever reason.

3. From a moral point of view I totally disagree because deep in my heart I am quite idealistic and romantic.

Nevertheless, good to know that you can buy anything and good to know that I don't have the money for it.

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