Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Will We All Be Married At Some Point Of Time? What Will We Be Wearing?

Today a school mate of my Gymnasium class left a comment on my blog. Last sentence was "…Wedding on Saturday"
I always thaught that I will be young forever…just dreaming about my wedding at the perfect place in the perfect dress with the perfect man.
Now I am learning that when your come closer to the age of 30 years - more and more people you know will marry. I cannot really imagine that I will ever do, but I am happy for those who are happy with their decision. Don't get me wrong I am totally confident that my baby is my men forever but getting married for me is "THE BIG STEP" which states I am not young anymore. Maybe I will change rings also at some point of time but I am really sure that I will not do this "my house, 2 cars, 2 children, half-day unfilling job" thing. This picture represents one of my fears and for me it represents "K. your fun life is ending exactly now…123"!
Coming back to the perfect wedding dress…My friend Julsie recently had a last minute wedding in the register office under a totally relaxed atmosphere in a totally relaxed mood. It was different from anything I saw before and so was the dress.
She is a very beautyful very female woman with nice curves and she wore the greatest dress I could emagine to emphasize on those. It was a chrochet dress in black and white (remembered me of Missoni prints) and she combined it with a "kiss to heaven" red lipstick. Because it was still very could outside she had a poncho she baught in Chile around her shoulders. What a beautyful bride! Her wedding in church wedding follows in a few weeks and I am already exited to see what she looked like.

BTW: THIS IS THE WEDDING DRESS I AM DREAMING OF - Armani Privée - Perfect presentation by the french model Morgane Dubled

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