Thursday, 21 December 2006

It's all about the Christmas Windows

I always loved beautyfully decorated shop windows...

Chloé Silverado

I know...these shoes have been discussed in many blogs...but, I love have the right to love those as well. The Chloé Silverado Boots are availabe at for 495 EUR, which is unfortunately too much for my "before Christmas purse". Anyway I found an alternative of vintage boots to comfort me...have a look...wonderful, aren't they?

Merry Christmas!

It is only 3 days to Christmas left and I hope to have less stress now and enjoy my vacation. I still have no concrete impression what to wear. Therefore I included some pictures which inspired me
to create beautyful christmas outfits...veux looking french cette année...

This is my inspiration for hair and make up ( you see, I really like Eva Green - she has such a beautyful, intelligent face you cannot stop to look at)

On December 23rd I invited all my female friends to Christmas Lady's Brunch and on 24th of December I will celebrate together with my boyfriend and later that day together with my parents. This are the outfits I included in my stylediary...

Friday, 15 December 2006

Kurt Geiger Platforms

Today I browsed through the internet and found those patent leather platform court with criss-cross ribbon detail at

These shoes are incredibly beautyful and can be combined with jeans as well as très chic pants or a skirt. Simply perfect! They cost 85 pounds...BUY OR NOT BUY IS THE QUESTION...

What to wear with Jeans - Everything Online, everything Sale

I made a presentation to show what I would wear with jeans for a reasonable price.
All the pieces included can be baught online - everything is "Sale" under 100

Thursday, 14 December 2006

White Trash Fast Food Club in Berlin

In April I was in Berlin with a friend. I decided to go to a club called "White Trash Fast Food" because the name sounded interesting. It is located on Schoenhaueser Allee 6/7 and consists of a restaurant, a lounge and a club. But it is not just a club, artists host their exhibitions there and the have several live gigs every month. It reminded me of London and as I love London I loved White Trash Fast Food. Another advantage of the club was that it is very reasonable priced (complete Berlin is very reasonable priced) They mainly played Indie Music and the party crowd was international and everybody was very different. Perfect! I drank lots of glasses of red wine got to know some nice people and danced until it was 6 AM. Check their website out via:
I also have to include a quote of their website because I really laughed about it:

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day." (Frank Sinatra)

The Don Music: Akira the Don

If you like Indie and Rap Music you should definitely have a look at the site of Akira the Don. Akira The Don (born Adam Narkiewicz) is an independent Welsh rap artist. His song lyrics are very sarcastic (most of them) but very affecting. He deals with politics, social environments and of course with love. The songs are influenced by different rappers like Ice Cube or Wu-Tang Clan. He also performs together with other artist who influence his music. He calls them his Donsquad (including Bashy, Mary Turner, John Leigh, Wade Crescent from Stunners International)and many more. Unfortunatly I never saw him performing but when I am in the UK again, I will defitinetelly go to one of his gigs. On his site you can download various mixtapes (I have all of them and listen to them quite often) as well as order his new LP. Check it out via or his myspace via

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

The Delicate Style Of French Women

Today I thaught about the way French women dress. Since I know that I am moving to France in a few month I think a lot about the "french way of living". Regarding fashion, I think it is a completely different way of dressing compared to the rest of the european countries and of course compared to the US. I started to browse through the internet and found pictures of Vanessa Paradis, Eva Green, Anna Mouglalis, Audrey Tatou, Sophie Marceau and of course of la belle du jour - Cathérine Deneuve. I found lots of similarities in the pictures: Very natural hair and tan, red lips and dressed in black, white or red. It is interesting that most of them already represented Chanel in a campaign and I found pictures all of these women dressed in luxury lingerie smoking a cigarette. I look forward to live there and watch all the people on the street and what they are wearing. Maybe I will sit in my apartment, wearing luxury lingerie, drinking Merlot et fumer des Gauloises as well...

Bahnhof Rolandseck near Bonn/Remagen - A nice place to stay

One month ago my boyfriend invited me to a nice excursion to a really nice place called "Bahnhof Rolandseck". Bahnhof Rolandseck is now not just a train station but also a museum called Arpmuseum. It's an initiative of Rhineland-Palatinate and a donation of Johannes Arp and his wife Sophie Taeuber-Arp. The train station was center of cultural and social life since 1856. Many well known artist (painters, musicians, poets and more...) stayed there some time and attendet various events. Some of well-known artist are Josephine Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Friedrich Nietzsche, Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann, Marcel Marceau and Clown Dimitri.

Today you can visit the museum and have a look at paintings and photos of their events as well as listen to music or just have a walk around the impressive building. Since the museum reopened in 2001 you can attend again various events there. There is also a very beautyful restaurant included and the food is very tasty. You can visit the homepage via Please find attached some photos we made during our visit.

Dresses for New Year's Eve

I am so exited that I have a blog now that I am quite posting a lot. I was at Florence this summer and I went to a very nice shop where I did not buy anything but the selection of designer clothes from all over the world was perfect. It was called Via Roma and when I came home I found the responding online shop while browsing through the internet. Today I went there and found a great amount of dresses I would wear for New Year's Eve which have been reduced quite well. Almost of all them are very last season but who cares if you do not celebrate with fashion experts...

Check out my pictures...if you like them, check out:

The Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace

Browsing through, I found this Kenneth Jay Lane necklace. It is reduced from 179 EUR to 89 EUR. It would look great with a simple white blouse or a black lace dress for the evening. If you like the design you can find more information referring to Kenneth Jay Lane via NY Magazine:

If I Was A Rich Girl

I know that the christ child will for sure not be putting all those nice things under our christmas tree, but I think it's worth to mention because these are my so called "classic wishes" which I keep year after year. Those are key pieces a woman should definitely have and invest in those - except of the Chanel trolley...if you always fly economy class as you may not have a Chanel trolley after the flight...For me the most important key pieces are

  1. A Trenchcoat (Burberry of course)

  2. The Chanel classic quilted lambskin bag

  3. A pair of glamarous Heels (Louboutin)

  4. The Chanel trolley in cream (I saw it first at paparazzi pictures of Diane Krueger)

Jeremy Scott for Yoox

Jeremy Scott created a so called "tabloid collection", which was inspired by all the gossip magazines, for Yoox. The collection is worldwide available for Yoox since today. The collection consists of Trenchcoats, Leggings, Jeans JAckets, Mini Skirts, Tanktops and more. Maybe you already remember the pictures of Cory Kennedy wearing parts of his collection. If you don't know her (see attached photo). She is currently très interessesant pour people in fashion and media. She is a new party girl from L.A. known for her unique way of dressing. For more information on Jeremy Scott, use the link to NY Magazine: You can shop the collection via .

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Places I like: favorite city

As London is my favorite city of all the cities I have been to I also would like to dedicate a post to London.

I have been there three times now and I try to go there twice a year. More is not possible because London unfortunately is too expensive for my purse. In this blog I would like to talk about the following categories:

  • London Accomodation
  • London Shopping
  • London Bars, Cafés and Restaurants
  • London Nightlife

London Accomodation: I would highly recommend the Twenty Nevern Square Hotel ( near Earls Court. This hotel is a petite charming boutique hotel. The rooms a decorated very unique and prettily and you room service for free, where they serve tea, coffee and breakfast. I promise that I will never ever stay in another hotel when I am there. Price is very good for London - a double room costs 130 - 160 EUR per night including breakfast. I have to talk about another hotel, but I have to admit that I have never been there...The Pavilion Rock N'Roll Hotel (, which is situated near hide park. The hotel has 30 totally different decorated room and was used very often for different photo shoots. The Hotel has been created by brother and sister team 29 year old Danny and 33 year old Noshi Karne. He is a former fashion model who after staying in boring Hotels around the world, decided to open a Hotel with a difference.

London Shopping: It is difficult to give shopping tips for London. According to my opinion you will not make any bargains there if you come from US or can benefit from very unique and special little shops, spend more but have something special to take home with you. If you absolutely refuse to spend a lot or simply don't have the money I would recommend to go to the various markets like Spitalfields (, Portobello Market (, or visit Camdem Town ( According to my opinion it is a must to combine Camden Town with a visit to Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill has one of the loftiest vantage points over the city. Well known as a writer's and artist's enclave, the area is now popular with media stars who can often be seen strolling around the village. If you like vintage you should definitelly have a look at Beyond Retro ( and the various charity shops in Notting Hill. If you would like to spend a lot, shop at Bond Street (where all the famous designers are located). You can check all the nice but expensive shops out at

London Bars, Cafés and Restaurants:
Of course you have a endless list of nice locations for nice dining experiences. It is a cliché to think that you will not get a nice meal in England. I don't want to create a list with all the popular restaurants, bars and cafés you can anyway read in newspapers, magazines and I would like to give to really nice advices. One for Dinner and one for going out afterwards. The last time I was in London I went to a really nice lebanese restaurant called Kaslik (58 Greek Street in Soho W1D 3DY). This restaurant was an experience, cozy, the food was supernice and reasonable priced. You can reserve this restaurant via .

London Nightlife:
Afterwards we went to the Stunners International ( party at the wonderful Grill Room at Café Royal at 68 Regent Street ( Stunners International organize two regular party nights in London on Tuesdays (which is dedicated to the 20's) and a Rock'N Roll night on Thursdays. I don't wanna say more...check it out...if I would live there I would definitely go there regularly.

Wedding...How I Would Style The Bride

Second: But today another friend of mine offered that she honestly decided at the week-end, of course together with her boyfriend, to marry by the end of December as soon as they get an appointment. I asked her if she was crazy, which was at least not very took me some minutes and the I thought "Hey, why not, if it is real love...but...she should look perfect". I am sure that she needs no style advice. She will look like Audrey Tatou who was going to the civil registry office in Paris. A nice romantic girl with a bohemian touch. This is just some information for myself and, if you like for you as well, how I would style a bride. When I walk through the city and look at the shops where brides and grooms can get their outfits I am most of the time shocked by the tastelessness which comes in front of my eyes.

I ensure that I will never ever marry in a classical dress of one of this shops. I would love to marry in a simple and sexy (of course the bride should be sexy!!!) vintage dress. I also ensure that I will not marry before I get the one and only perfect dress for myself.

I loved the dress Jane Birkin was wearing at her wedding with Serge. I also attached a dress a woman offered at ebay. If I would have needed one I would have baught this.

Office Looks

"The Devil wears Prada":

I know this film is already out of the cinma but since I started my blog today I take the right to talk about it now...too late...but anyway...
I don't consider this film to have a real fashion statement. I liked the clothes but according to my mind Ann Hathaway was never styled very unique or special. Maybe it should not have been like that.
But, I loved what she was wearing for the category "Office Looks".
For me it is very difficult to dress for the office even if we have no "dress code" in our company. This film gave me some inspiration. Maybe it's the same for you. I added some pictures of it...

Inspirations for Paris Apartement

As this is the first day with my blog I am posting a lot today. As I was daydreaming again I thaught about arranging and decorating our flat. I was browsing through several pages of hotels and my favorite website (better then architecture digest, living at home or anything else) I hope that we get an apartment with living room, bedroom, kitchen and bath. For each room I inserted a picture I like and hope to arrange the flat in that sort of way...
I also love this picture of Cloe Sevigny in her flat. The colour of her wall is outstanding!
As I am a girlish girly I wanna live like one. When I surfed on the homepage of "Mee Boutique" ( I saw was so facinated by the pictures. I would like to have a little dressing room (which will be a dream) but I will search for a vanity stand at the flea markets of Paris and will not stop until I found one!!!

Sun Glasses I like: Ray Bans

In summer 2006 I noticed that Ray Bans are back again. Ray Bans were trend when I was very they are back. I have to admit that I like them but you have to have the matching face for them. They can look "bad taste" very quickly.
One Sunday I was cleaning our apartment and found old Ray Bans of my boyfriend (see attached pictures.
Lucky girl!!!