Wednesday, 13 December 2006

The Delicate Style Of French Women

Today I thaught about the way French women dress. Since I know that I am moving to France in a few month I think a lot about the "french way of living". Regarding fashion, I think it is a completely different way of dressing compared to the rest of the european countries and of course compared to the US. I started to browse through the internet and found pictures of Vanessa Paradis, Eva Green, Anna Mouglalis, Audrey Tatou, Sophie Marceau and of course of la belle du jour - Cathérine Deneuve. I found lots of similarities in the pictures: Very natural hair and tan, red lips and dressed in black, white or red. It is interesting that most of them already represented Chanel in a campaign and I found pictures all of these women dressed in luxury lingerie smoking a cigarette. I look forward to live there and watch all the people on the street and what they are wearing. Maybe I will sit in my apartment, wearing luxury lingerie, drinking Merlot et fumer des Gauloises as well...

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