Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Wedding...How I Would Style The Bride

Second: But today another friend of mine offered that she honestly decided at the week-end, of course together with her boyfriend, to marry by the end of December as soon as they get an appointment. I asked her if she was crazy, which was at least not very nice...it took me some minutes and the I thought "Hey, why not, if it is real love...but...she should look perfect". I am sure that she needs no style advice. She will look like Audrey Tatou who was going to the civil registry office in Paris. A nice romantic girl with a bohemian touch. This is just some information for myself and, if you like for you as well, how I would style a bride. When I walk through the city and look at the shops where brides and grooms can get their outfits I am most of the time shocked by the tastelessness which comes in front of my eyes.

I ensure that I will never ever marry in a classical dress of one of this shops. I would love to marry in a simple and sexy (of course the bride should be sexy!!!) vintage dress. I also ensure that I will not marry before I get the one and only perfect dress for myself.

I loved the dress Jane Birkin was wearing at her wedding with Serge. I also attached a dress a woman offered at ebay. If I would have needed one I would have baught this.

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Anonymous said...

My dear friend Kate,

this is the first comment!!!! There are three things I want you to know:
- I love your blog !!!!
- Be sure- I will miss you and our funny conversations (especially those in the women´s restroom ;-) )
- Paris `07: GO FOR IT and always follow your dreams and fight for them.
*The little Amelie-girl*

PS. Please believe me - I DON`T like the green little car from Japan.....