Thursday, 14 December 2006

The Don Music: Akira the Don

If you like Indie and Rap Music you should definitely have a look at the site of Akira the Don. Akira The Don (born Adam Narkiewicz) is an independent Welsh rap artist. His song lyrics are very sarcastic (most of them) but very affecting. He deals with politics, social environments and of course with love. The songs are influenced by different rappers like Ice Cube or Wu-Tang Clan. He also performs together with other artist who influence his music. He calls them his Donsquad (including Bashy, Mary Turner, John Leigh, Wade Crescent from Stunners International)and many more. Unfortunatly I never saw him performing but when I am in the UK again, I will defitinetelly go to one of his gigs. On his site you can download various mixtapes (I have all of them and listen to them quite often) as well as order his new LP. Check it out via or his myspace via

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