Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Seasons Change...So Do Preferences

When I was young, really young (teenage years and early adulthood) I could never imagine wearing polo shirts or moccasins. For me all this was far away, "rich kids parents look" and something I would avoid to get in touch with. When I was 13, I baught myself some Dr. Martens Vintage 1460 8 Eye Boot with flower print in London, when I was 16 I loved vintage ADIDAS sneakers, afterwards I had a faible for the highest heel possible and since I am in Paris I collect Repetto ballerinas. Now that I am a mother flats are much more convenient. Coming back to the beginning, I expressed that I always had a certain dislike for certain fashion elements like the moccasin. Last week, after a discussion with my concubin I decided that I needed one...DESPERATELY. There it was, I went for a marine blue classic suede Tod's model.
Without having any clue where this strong wish came from I read Grazia France and Jalouse magazine. Both mentioned the moccasin as essential piece for the coming season. Jalouse magazine even made a wonderful editorial about the collaboration of luxury shoe manufacturer J.M. Weston with la cool&hip de Paris like Olivier Zahm, André, Olympia Le Tan, Kitsuné and more. Each one had the chance to pick a classic model and re-design in order to give it a personal touch. The result is exclusively available at Colette from 11th to 17th of October.
This is exactly what I like about fashion. Even the most bourgeois and conservative piece has its flexibility. For me this fall there is nothing more unconventional (style-wise) than wearing a traditional moccasin.


Pedro Garcia Millan said...


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