Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Difficult To Find...The Perfect Trench

I'm waiting for summer sale to find the perfect trench. This is something I wanted to invest in since 2 years, but now I am sure that it makes no sense to live in Paris without one. I discovered a nice trench at the Marc Jacobs Boutique at Palais Royal but still size zero is a bit trop grand for me. This sounds strange and I should be lucky but it is not nice to have the kind of body where jeans never ever fit and have to be baught either in medium than small with regards to the fact that I am quite petite and where tops and jackets are always trop grand.

The perfect trenchcoat would have:

  • the perfect colour - preferably the classic beige like the classic Burberry trench

  • the perfect cut

  • very good quality

  • the right lengh with regards to my size

The Burberry Trenches fit perfect in size 8 and I am sure that they will stay togehter forever...but 1000 EUR is far a bit too expensive. Maybe I should pay this amount anyway because as I wrote before we will stay together a lifetime.I attached some pictures with trenches I like (Marc Jacobs, Moschino) and I have the money for...and the classic Burberry I do not have the money for.

Do you have an advice? In which trenchcoat did you invest and why?

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