Monday, 25 June 2007

Summer Fashion...How To Dress For Paris Plage

At 21st of June summer started. It is only one moth to go and by mid of July, Paris Plage (19th of July to 19th of August) will arrive as well. It is my first summer in Paris and to be well prepared I will go jogging twice a week combined with one hour pilates training twice a week. Far more important than following a weekly training is finding a perfect fitting bathing suit or bikini...or...of course both. I'm not a brand-addict-person but I think there is one brand to shop for the nicest bathing suits and bikinis called ERES. ERES offers a great collection of beach wear with simple but unique cuts and colours. Their pieces build an unity with the body without trying to attract the notice. ERES beach wear is a very decent and elegant and leaves room for accessoires like a Missoni Headband or nice jewellery.

According to my opinion this is exacly what I real lady would wear for example at Paris Plage.

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