Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Role Models...Kate and Brigitte...and other friends of mine

Every girl who has her own style icon will recognize that they mostly like style examples which come close to themselves. That doesn't necessarily mean that the style comes close to ones individual style but ones outward experience. A very well-known example is Brigitte and Kate. They can be really considered as role models...of course Brigitte was there first.

When I told my friend Julia that I like Charlotte Casigharis descreet way of dressing, she laughed and said "Sure because you look like her". This was a big compliment, nevertheless I don't think I look like her, maybe my lips are akin to hers but thats all (which is not bad at all). I answered that Julietta should have a look at herself because she totally apreciates Audrey Tatou's appearance.
Another friend of mine, Lisa, looks very much alike Diane Kruger.
Maybe she doesn't know about at all, but look at the pictures...
What about yoursef now...who is your role model?

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