Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The End Of Trends...

Being pregnant is a bit the end of trends for at least 1-2 seasons. Right now it makes no sense for me to enquire anything which leads to a "semi-interest" in fashion. As I love fashion I am still following the current happenings (of course) but without passion (unfortunately). Naturally I still consume as many fashion magazines as time allows and I continue reading my favorite fashion blogs and sites on a regular basis. Nevertheless, right now, there is something bigger going on in my live so I am not as emotional as I would be about la mode en generale. This "semi-interest" also lead to a lack of posts over the last months. Having said that, I would like to come back to the beginning of this post where I mentioned the "end of trends".

Today I read an article on JC Report mentioning that the ecomomic situation lead to many mini trends in order to reach as many customers as possible. As a consequence, fashion seasons don't come up with a so called "leitmotiv" but many different ideas. I consider this as a very interesting theory and when I look at the collections for S/S 2009 recently being shown on the runways this thought is perfectly demonstrated. You can see a wide range of trends crossing different decades of fashion.

How should I evaluate the so called "end of trends"? Should I be happy because I can now be pleased having enaugh in my wardrobe which can be worn over and over again or does it also mean the end of creativity. It is no secret that fashion is recurrent, but at least there should be some innovation. If you have too many "mini trends" how can a designer still present a huge innovation? The answer is open.

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