Monday, 19 November 2007

Likes And Dislikes Are Sometimes At Close Quarters

Month by month I look forward to read Vogue Paris' "Une Fille Une Style" , which always features the style of cool girls. I was quite disappointed by the November issue focussing on Prada's communication director Mathilde Agostinelli, famous for being close friends with Ex Mme Sarkozy. The quotes, remarks and advices listed in the editorial are disappointing and uncreative. Maybe it's the money or just this person. I am not sure.

What I disliked most about it was the paragraph when it comes to the style of her apartment in Paris' aseptic 16th arrondissment. She states that it has been decorated by french interior designer Jacques Grange.
First of all I have to admit that I share the opinion that people who get their apartments decorated, rich or not, have no personality. Ones apartment actually reveals more about ones personality than the way of dressing could ever do. So how come that people pay a decorator? I only can think of prestige...the proof of status which goes in one hand with a personal driver, trainer and all this blablalalala.

To cut a long story short, a few weeks later I came across this post of The Peak Of Chic Blog showing photos from Mathilde's Paris home which had been already published in "House&Garden" in May 2006 (I don't like the title though). I came to the conclusion that every single room of the apartment is just stunning, colourful and lively. A matching mix of finds which is hard to do. A proof of taste in perfection, even though it was THE DECORATOR who did it.

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