Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Triangle Of Happiness

Photographer James Gooding's latest photography project deals with the Triangulation of happiness which points represent where someone lives, works and shops. James Gooding himself wrote about the idea for the project the following "I began painting a series of visual images in my mind about my own life. Soon I found myself completely preoccupied thinking about where others found happiness in their day, different careers, different lifestyles, and geographical circumstances that define this state of human existence in a modern society." This made him document the life of eight expatriates living in different corners of the United States.

Triangles vary with each person which leads to the conclusion that happiness varies for each of us. "In this collection of images, I have tried to understand my subjects through conversations that took place and observations made over the course of days I spent with them. I am presenting them ‘in their now’ and as ‘my direct experience of them. With this in mind, I invite the viewer to reflect on the central image of their triptychs as to what I have seen to be the most significant point of their triangle", Gooding writes.

I personally appreciate the self-concerning aspect of this theory. By reflecting the triangles of others I started to think about mine. Happiness is the most important goal to reach in life. Every human searches for it and only few of them find it. To visualize the comlexity of this matter was an exceptional idea and an enrichment for everyone who is interested.

edward - live - lockwood, NV
edward - work - reno, Nv
edward - shop - patrick, Nv


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