Friday, 18 July 2008

Fashion And Pregnancy

Fashion and Pregnancy does not really work together, does it? Some female friends of mine say that the "typical french fashion" like Chloé dresses and wide blouses would match perfectly with pregnancy. This is correct, but what about the "taille haute" which luckily just came back? No way. Once you are pregnant, you are out of fashion. It is hard to say but honest and it is difficult to stay motivated creating cute outfits because there are tons of things just cannot wear (especially pants and skirts). The only part of your wardrobe which is left over for extension are shoes and dresses.

During the last months I collected some inspirational photos of pregnant women looking stylish all the way through the 40 weeks. I dedicate this post to all future mothers and hope they enjoy pregnancy, stay in fashion looking forward to something which is much greater.

Natalie Vodianova with her second child. Age 26 she has three kids.

Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg with two of their kids and the most stylish family I have ever seen.

I was never interested in Nicole Richie's wardrobe but what she wore during her pregnancy was flawless and beautiful.

And who said that pregnancy is not seductive? It can be as well, as soon as you feel and go for it. Eva Herzigova did that provocative shoot for Vanity Fair Italy shortly before giving birth.

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