Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Elodie - A French-American Style Example

Elodie Bouchez, french actress, knows how to combine life within to countries, way of style of two countries. Not surprisingly, she is a style example for many french women.
The mother of one son is married to Thomas Bangalter member of the french band Daft Punk. Both of them decided to leave France and declare LA as their residential home.
So why an "Oh la la-post" about Elodie? It's pretty easy to explain. She is, again, a really great example how to combine the french classy way of dressing with experimental american fashion impacts.

Elodie's Hair and Make Up remain in french women wears it. This is perfect because no other nationality is better in emphasizing on natural female beauty. France, from a fashion point of view, remains to be classic and traditional, they are not so much into experiments with dressing up or down. You rarely see eye-catching colours or prints which can become boring from time to time. Don't get me wrong, it still looks great but there is less inovation of style. Elodie, on the contrary, mix-matches colours and prints without appearing vulgar or tasteless...she would wear a classic dress with coloured leggings or bag. This makes the difference between two dressing cultures, just take the advantages of both and combine!

The Make-Up:


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