Friday, 21 December 2007

Favorites: If I Had The Legs...If You Have The Legs...

If I had the legs for a black leather pant I would buy one. If you have the legs you are lucky. I black leather pant is one of my favorite pieces spotted in 2007. It absoutely makes the look styled with a black Tuxedo or with a fur jacket and minimum 12cm heels. It looks incredibly glamorous and sexy plus it is rare. With rare I mean rare to see. As a fashion lover you prefer to look a bit more "out of a crowd" especially in a time where fashion conformism became common. The only problem about it is that without "the legs" it will make you look incredibly unfavorable. So Girls with legs go...

Vogue Paris Editorial

Emmanuelle Alt, stylist at Paris Vogue loves them, here in 7/8 grey but she also has them in black

Nobody does it better - worn with a black Tuxedo and Louboutin Heels

Sarah Jessica Parker is my personal favorite combined with fur it is lots of animal but also lots of glamour

Shopping: has a nice selection of black leather pants (I love the Alexander McQueen ones btw.)

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