Friday, 7 December 2007

Living Like Coco

On the online blog of I found photos of Coco Chanel's apartment in Paris, rue Cambon. The apartment is unfortunatelly, or gladly, not open for the public, only for journalists, Haute-Couture costumers and employees of CHANEL. I personally don't want to post about the decor, no it was more the little bird cage on one of the photos that caught my eye.

My baby saw one on puces Vanves last week for 600 EUR and said he would invest if our apartment was bigger. It was not a small decoration element like this, but huge, appromimately 1,80 m high.
This must be the reason why I am attentive to bird cages now. I started to search at the antique section of ebay and guess what I found?
I came over a similar one as Coco's, which is also an old music box. Can you imagine what a charming christmas present this would make? Of course it needs to find its place at a fancier.

Hight: 28 cm
Link: EBAY

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