Wednesday, 14 March 2007

It's all about "MEN A LA MODE"

Some of my male friends always complain that there is less information on men style than style advices for women. They recommend that I should talk about men style as well in my blog. To be honest...this is quite difficult for myself because I tend to observe women and their way of dressing much more intensively and just take male fashion as it is without really thinking about it. Therefore, I don't want to reserve the right to talk about fashion for men.

I would recommend the following:

If you are a man and you are longing for a most up to date - super hot right now - fashion style advice, just check out the new UK site Men à la mode which will be launched on 15th of March.

A nice site for latest news on men's fashion and grooming is Fashion 156. The outfits shown are as nice as the outfit of the site itself.

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