Thursday, 15 March 2007

Shopping Advices... Nejla Oezkan and

Most of the lates Designer Fashion pieces are difficult to buy in Germany, even online. I am a person who likes online shopping very much because it gives you really much more chance to buy designer pieces really cheap, cheaper than you will find them in a regular shop. The disadvantage about that is that you cannot support smaller boutiques and shops to survive in the age of globalization. So if a find a nice piece in a smaller shop, I do my best to afford it to make my contribution.
Example: Two weeks ago I found a wonderful shop in Montmatre, in a little street which was not easy to find but I had time enaugh to stroll around. The shop is led by a turkish girl called Nejla Oezkan. She sells the clothes of her turkish designer friend and everythink is handmade, of good quality and really affordable. I found a handmade leather belt for my mum (20 EUR)and a beautyful new wrap dress for myself (60 EUR) -> I will publish photos in mystylediary
So if you are in Paris, check it out:
Nejla Oezkan
17, Rue La Viewville
75018 Paris
Metro: Abesses
Tel: 0033- 142511111

Online Shopping:
Coming back to online shops...most of the time I order clothes at yoox sale but today I came across another nice online shop called With regards to the selection offered I would compare it with net-a-porter (which is too expensive for myself, so I just read their online mag) but it is german and much more easy to get things delivered to a german address. In the sale section they had really good offers like this Marc Jacobs Booties.


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sanity said...

You should take a look at Pocket Fashionista, its new, so it doesn't have too many users yet, but its much easier to use, you can comment on pictures, rate them, and you can favorite both pictures and users.