Monday, 12 March 2007

Unique Kate is back

I know that KM style is being discussed every day in several magazines, which makes the topic boring in some way. My first intention was not to write about Kate but to develop a post comparing Kate, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin's style because I just think that KM has Brigitte's Face combined with Jane's style. This is just a declaration...and I will skip this post now because I decided to go for something else...something very "unspecial"...

While browsing through the new photos of Kate being published at "The Fashionspot" I realized that her way of style is changing again. During the past month she was dressed in a more classical way and the outfits didn't vary much.

Appearance has always to do with personal situations and emotional life - I think that Kate must feel quite good right now if I assign this thesis to her current look.
Coming back to the headline, this is an "unspecial post" with an "unspecial subject" but very "special outfits"...

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