Thursday, 15 March 2007

Shoes I like: Kristina Kozak

Browsing through Shoewawa planning my shoe investments for summer (Yves Klein - Blue Platform Heels, Red High Heels and one pair of Wedges), when I came across a new Boston based shoe designer called Kristina Kozak. The 32 year woman created her own shoe line of 10 pair of unique art pieces. She calls them "fun pieces that sets one apart from the crowd", but I don't think so. Each pair is very classic but has a unique attitude, something which makes it really special and "outstanding of the crowd" - that's true but I would leave out the "fun piece" in my description. Anyway, interpretation of how things could be seen always will differ...make up your own mind!

"While always a shoe lover with an eye for fashion, it was my time at Louis Boston that truly influenced and increased my love for distinctive pieces, especially shoes. “I wanted fabulous, fun shoes that stood out in a crowd but didn’t sacrifice quality or sophistication. With that in mind I created my own line that is original and intelligent but still reflects a lighthearted approach to fashion.” (Quote from the designer herself)

More information on Kristina Kozak available via Boston Magazine...
Order via: Kristina Kozak, 617-791-2993,; Stel’s, 334 Newbury St., Boston, 617-262-3348,

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