Friday, 9 March 2007

Missed Style Scout In Paris

On 1st of March I missed the meeting of bloggers arranged by the Style Scout (Robert Cassidy and his wife Louisa)at Paris. The whole day was not very well organized by myself. In the morning I was very exited and decided to wear a beautyful dress I baught at Lake Como with black tights and blue new high heels. After one hour walking I realized that I cannot stand the pain at my feet anymore. This was after an apartment visit near Le Bon Marché and I decided to buy the vernis Repetto ballett flats I had a look at days ago and that I wanted to buy anyway. My feet were already bleeding and my tights were broken. So I went downstairs to buy some new tights as well. Afterwards I thaught I would have still some time until 1pm and went to the Marais to search for a shop which I found two days before....but now impossible to find again...I realized that I had not eaten anything that day and I got nervous. I went to a café sat down, ate something, left the café searched for the next metro, looked at my watch and was shocked 3PM!!! It is a total mess that I somehow forgot the time because of the apartment visits, hunger, shops and exams. When I finally came to the Carousel du Louvre there was now one there anymore and I lost the address of the café where the informal gathering took place. I sat down very disappointed and read my sociology book to prepare the exams. After 2 hours I went home realizing that I missed the chance to meet other bloggers from around the world.

Several famous bloggers met, like Geraldine (Paris)(
Café de Mode) , Susie Bubble (London) (Stylebubble) and more. For those who understand german just follow this link to read the complete review...I hope to get the chance to meet them once again this year...then I'll definitelly be there.

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Anne Marie said...

Katrin if you missed the meetup, you can always send me an email, and I'll be happy to let you know what you missed.

It was about a special project that bloggers are meant to get involved in, so if you're still interested send me an email.