Wednesday, 19 September 2007

GROOMING: Necessary Evil Or Fun

Susie Bubble's personal post on grooming made me think about my preferences and what I consider as the minimum effort. First of all I prefer the natural look so much more than the "trying to hard look". I don't like actresses like Eva Longoria or the rest of her crew walking around like transvestites. Even for a long night out, I would always prefer looking natural.

Cross-national differences:
Like Susie already indicated with the example of her New York friend, I think there are differences between countries what is being considered as adequate. If Susie's NYC friend says a manucure is necessary the main part of New York women might agree. I can only speak for Germany and what I observe in France. For me there are 2 extremes I can see in Germany: Women looking like they make a big effort, where results represent the "artificial look" or the cool girls walking around in Vans Sneakers and hoodies. Of course there are other facettes, I am just speaking of the two big extremes. In France most woman look soigné but always very natural, as I like it.

What is necessary?

For me it is absolutelly necessary that the hair is shiny and if coloured, in a very natural way.
I prefer organic shampoo and once a week a hair mask by KORRES. When it comes to styling I resist "styling it to death" but I am also not the "out-of-bed" girl. A mix of both does it, depending on the outfit. If the outfit is elegant the hair could look a bit undone and the other way round.

I think it is necessary to work on a nice form but you cannot do more than eat healthy and and move whenever possible. When moving to France I gave up the gym and I think I have a nicer body now. I am very tiny and the gym and muscles made me look compact.Twice I week pilates and a lot of walking is enaugh.

Skin Care and nails:
Skin Care is most important. I think a peeling and skin mask once a week is necessary as well as skin cleaning in the morning and evening. Here again, I prefer tested cosmetics like KIEHLS peeling and mask.
I never go to the cosmetician because it is too expensive. But what would she do besides peeling and mask? For a day cream I am very picky. I prefer Maria Galland which is expensive but perfect. I would rather abjure buying a new oufit than buying this product. It is a but hysteric but I rely on it.Once a month I try to make my way to a Sauna or Hammam. Afterwards you feel so clean and the skin in shining just très agréable.
I make my nails once a week. As Susie thinks of nail studios in London, I have the opinion that nail studios are too expensive in Paris as well - therefore, I take care of them on my own, but keep them very natural and short.

I don't use much make up and I don't like to do make up. I don't have a bad concious about it because I am happy with nicely formed eybrows, mascara, eye liner and some rosé Sisley blush. Since I am 16 years old, I use the same eye liner by Lancome, which has the same green as my eyes. This is most important for me and I am afraid of the day when this product will not be available anymore.
I attached some make-up examples I like. The blush of Morgane Dubled has the perfect colour for her skin. Besides her eybrows are in a perfect condition which cannot really be influenced when you have blond hair or small eybrows. She also has flawless skin and I bet she makes an effort to keep it like this. Anna Mouglalis' make up is perfect for the evening. It is visible but still natural. Tomorrow I am going to the Raveonettes concert, let's see how long it takes me to get my make-up done...

Something you cannot buy or influence:
...and at least there is the Kate-example. She has something you cannot buy and where there exist no beauty receipt. She smokes, drinks alcohol, does drugs or not and always looks flawless. I am talking of an aura. Whether you have it or not, you can only try to be happy with yourself, as simple or hard as it may sound.

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Confashion said...

Love your blog :)

My nails are the number one thing I make sure to take care of then comes the hair of course. I think I'm very high-maintenance. :P