Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Musing Qualities Of Youth

Youth was always fazinating to us, because it is something that is beautyful when it is blowing but passes by quickly. Youth was always fashion and it will always be.

I am now 27 years old (far too many years out of fashion) but I often forget that I am not the 15 year old little girl anymore, who is getting drunk at parties not knowing what happened the day after. I live now a calm life with my partner with a regular day, regular meals and only a few cigarettes and glasses of wine when I go out. Would I have continued the same lifestyle I would maybe be a really wasted woman now, because not everybody is conserved like a Kate Moss. No matter what you do when you are young you are beautyful, even when you are a total mess you have a certain kind of charm that no one can take from you.
Right now Youth is having a revival.

When I am looking at the photos of The Cobrasnake I think teenagers make their experiences fast, faster than years ago and if they do it "in fashion" at the right place they can make a profit out of it. 17-year old Corey Kennedy is the best example.

She was an ordinary girl who now lives the american dream to do whatever you want to do at any time. Everything is possible, especially when you are young. I wanted to write about her a long time ago, even before I started this blog in 2005. When Cory was 15 years old, Mark Hunter, owner of the Cobrasnake web site, started taking photos of her at parties and concerts. For the observers Cory had such a facinating attidude that they loved every picture of her, whatever she did.

Now, 2 years later, Cory is THE MUSE, a universal term I use for people who do nothing special but are famous anyways. That does not mean that I want to put her down, no, on the contrary I think she is quite enriching in this role. Corey is involved in different photo shoots, recently on the cover of Jalouse Paris, gives interviews about her destiny and has her own style column in Nylon Mag. Is this not something many teenagers would dream of? Is it not something which can open her many doors to live her dreams when she finished school? Capital YOUTH - fullstop.
But there is not just Corey, Hedi Slimane, who always had a crush on youth recently hosted an exhibition in Berlin's Arndt and Partners gallery called "Sweet Birth Of Youth" showing teenagers in various life time situation. All of them had something in common, they were looking innocent and skinny and wasting theirselves....
Maybe this is youth, wasting yourself and discovering the possibilities until you have grown up.

Then life will be quite quiet.

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