Thursday, 13 September 2007

TBC: Favorites - Traffic de Mode - September, 6-9

Many magazines wrote about the biker jacket being "THE PIECE TO HAVE" for la rentrée.
I still don't have one and I refuse to make my personal shopping dependend on magazine advices but...when I saw the booth of Ventcouvert, luckily based in Paris, I was inspired and the leather jacket went up to place #1 on my shopping list.They have a collection of jackets and coats, all made of leather, for men and women. I never heard of Ventcouvert before but I learned that they already existed in 1986. As my father could have worn one of their jackets when he was 26 years old this is indeed not a new label but a great one!
109, BD Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

"The Box" presented a nice selection of accessoiries like, bags, jewelery, shoes and glasses. My favorite jewelery designer is a parisian again, Eva Krystal.
Her boutique is bassed in the 19th Arrondissement, rue de meaux. Her pieces are simple but special and don't need too much attention. The sort of jewelery one choses is always very personal and special. I always prefer decent pieces because I always want my outfit to be harmonic.
26, rue de meaux 75019 Paris

Julia Smith is a london based designer, and by the way, a friendly and helpful girl. Being a very emontional character I am much more into buying if I like someone's attidude. What I like about her collection is the dresses with run in corsets. I did not try one but I am sure they will make a beautyful and feminine silhouette.
Her pieces, be it skirt, blouse or dress are all very feminine and mixture and very Dita-pin-up like.

Danish label Naja Lauf is a label of one I would like to buy each single piece, especially for the winter.
The whole collection looks so comfortable with regards to details and nice materials.
Naja Lauf was launched in 2000 to bring a new style to contemporary fashion. In 2005 it received the Danish Design Award from the danish magazine "Alt for Danerne".

Other Cute Stuff:
12, Rue Aux Ours
75003 Paris
Very provocative lingerie men will love. I don't like everything because for me the collection is being on the border of being vulgar.
Although I think that's the point about lingerie it is boring when it is not sexy but it should not be too sexy meaning pornographic.
But again this lies in the eye of the observer.

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