Monday, 17 September 2007

NY Fashion Week: Spring 2008

This is personal post on a my personal favorites of NY fashion week 2008. I selected to write about 3 desingers with 3 totally diffent collections each unique for itself.

Tommy Hilfiger

I was never a "Tommy Girl" wearing sportive clothes, but this collection was different. From a "wearable" point of view Tommy Hilfiger striked the right note.

It still remained a typically sportive character, but in sophisticated, sartorial way. Tommy Hilfiger included my personal wardrobe favorites like marine blue blazers with golden buttons, trenchcoats, striped shirts, in "tommy coulours": navy blue, white, beige or red. Small cutted sailor pants with side buttons were worn with silk blouses, striped tops or shirts. The dresses were short and of beautyful elegance ignoring any sporty note. Main accessoiry was the straw head in a perfect combination with sailor pants and short dresses. The Men's wear was really "gentlemen", a mix of Cary Grant and Steve McQueen: striped and beige suits with white leather shoes reminding of St. Tropez in the 1960's. All in all a very classic collection mixed with old-school elegance.

Betsey Johnson

What I like about her and her collection the courage to be ironic. "This is so america stereotype" was the first thing which came into my mind watching the collection consisting of exaggerated glamorous dresses and suits.
All was a variation of petticoated prom dresses which went through the designs of the sixties, seventies, eighties to now. Colours being chosen included pastel colours as well as a demonstrative pink and red plus a bit of black and white. The models reminded me of Barbie and visiting the prom night of there high school. It is less wearable than fun, but this is Betsey Johnson.

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Having an eye for real innovations is rare. Brazil-born Alexandre Herchcovitch is a designer who has it.
Centre of his collection was the tuxedo blazer being cut and transformed to make it wearable for women.
Base colourblack combined with red and white and a pastel yellow. Borders between men's and women's clothes blurred without loosing the focus on a female silhoutte.
I think he played it well but I personally missed the spring feeling in his designs.

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