Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Eva Green: Real Glamour Of A Real Diva

There are not many women who spread glamour whenever they grace the cover a magazine. 27-year old Eva Green is a real diva who sets herself in scene like a real woman. No question that she is the perfect model for Dior's new fragrance Midnight Poisson.

Today I came over this photo shoot by Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity fair, Eva posing in black lingerie in a boudoir. Who else could create an atmosphere like this and who else would be as perfect to present lingerie...black lingerie. For me black was always the only real colour for lingerie, so there are to aspects of the shoot I really appreaciate to see. When it comes to Eva's opinion, she admits "I love photo shoots where I can be like a pinup, not myself," Green says. "Where I can be feminine, glamorous, dark … not like in real life. I hate it when you go in and they want you to be 'natural,' to be yourself. I just hate it. I love having fun. When they ask you to smile, I hate it. Of course I smile in my real life, but to do it on cue, that's not spontaneous. I'd rather do something that's like a little movie, like a little story, rather than just me—I feel naked."
It is a bit Teese-like but this is about presenting lingerie with class!

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