Monday, 29 October 2007

Living At Home

Living in an ancien Paris apartment is wonderful. It is even more wonderful with charming bargains found at one of Paris flea markets. Those are the key essentials, but creating a cosy atmosphere is in the responsibility of the right decoration. As I always repeat, I am no fan of big chaings but I like Zara Home, especially their online shop is a great inspiration. It is divided in 5 categories, bedroom , bathroom , tableware , living room and other .What I especially like is that you can choose from differently decorated rooms and therefore get a feeling what will match together. Should you already have a clear picture? Even better for you.

Our bathroom got a new paint this week-end I am a big fan of aromatic candles. I am lucky to live in Paris because I can make my way to their boutique on Boulevard de Madelaine. Afterwards the bathroom will look like our own petite private spa.

Zara Home
2, boulevard de la Madeleine
75008 Paris
M: Madeleine

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