Monday, 8 October 2007

The Perfect Coffee Place: Bread And Roses Bakery and Deli Café

Having passed the Bread And Roses Bakery quite a few times without stopping but longing, we dedid to stop by on a beautyful automn saturday.
After careful inspection we went for some tasty scones with some whipped cream and marmalade. Bread And Roses is situated at rue de Fleurus just a view steps from the Jardin de Luxembourg and on the opposite of the A.P.C. Outlet (which is an advantage as well). It is Bakery, Epicerie and Café in one. If you are tired of traditional baguette you will find nice cereal bread in different variations, if you are tired of small and strong coffee you will get a nice big café latte with loooots of milk or a scone instead of a pain au chocolat. Everything and I mean really everything looks lovingly prepared and tasty. You can have breakfast there and they serve smaller dishes like salads, quiches and tartines. Their products are all organic with this in consideration, reasonalbly priced (10 - 14 EUR for a salad, 3 EUR for Pastries and 4 EUR for a nice big coffee).

The café is one of my favorite places and I plan to go there regularly. Besides the english procucts are a nice diversion to the traditional parisian cafés and you can take the advantage of buying a healthy cereal bread or other specialities like fois gras or antipasti for dinner.
Open Monday - Saturday, 08:00am - 20:00pm
7, rue de Fleurus
75006 Paris

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Girl and the City said...

I love this place! The last time I was there so was Catherine Deneuve! Ooh la la! ;-)

xox Girl and the City