Monday, 28 January 2008

Back In Fashion

Coming back from vacation is not easy, especially when you felt like being the only human creature on one green island for one week. You just listen to the waves, the wind and sometimes to i tunes. To spend some time at the sea again was wonderful. I love the colours of the blue sky the freestones and the various turquoise nuances of the water shimmering in the sun. I was lucky to enjoy these images all day long and lived in a beautiful picture with the perfect man, the perfect cappucino in the mornings and the perfect wine in the evenings. Having missed the glamorous drive of Paris Fashion week, I was curious to come back and read the other bloggers posts about it.

My enthusiasm decreased when waiting at passport control for half an hour because they only opened two counters. I advised my impatient baby to make use of the situation by practising himself in patience. After 45 minutes, we finally went out the airport and the shuttle departed in front of our eyes so that we had to wait one half an hour more. Finally we managed to enter Paris and I saw the wonderful cover of February's Numéro Issue:
Catherine McNeill by Greg Kadel
It makes me look forward to summer, flirty dresses and sun. After one week being really unfashionable this was exactly what I needed. When we stepped out of the bus at Invalides the Eiffel tower started twinkling. Welcome back I thought to myself.

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