Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Development by Erica Davies

Since I ordered a black tulip Development skirt at Net-A-Porter's sale, I wasn't aware of the L.A. Based Label "Development". Since I received the skirt and viewed the whole Spring 2008 collection afterwards, I am exited about it.

The Designer:
Erica Davies is welsh and graduated from prestigious St. Martins College. She worked for different designers including Marc Jacobs, Max Azria and Max Mara afterwards. In 1997, Richard Tyler selected Erica for a collaboration and over the next three years he became her mentor. In 2002 Tyler asked her to come to Los Angeles to work on his new collection, which was heavily influenced by Erica's personnel style and a big success. In 2003 she launched her new collection of dresses under her own name. This collection continues today while she maintains her passion for design of the development collection.

The Design:
Most of the pieces are classic, made with an eye for detail and love for a cut matching which matches with a women's body. I appreciate that they are easy to wear and combine. Her collection leaves room for accessoires and especially for yourself. It is nothing worsed than being stashed away by your own clothes.

Online Shops:
Retailers in Europe:
Matches (London)
Mimi (London)
Selfridges (London)
Septieme Etage (Geneva)
Development Spring 2008 Favorites:
In this special case it is a pity I live in Paris because her collection is not available here. It was even hard for me to pick favorites because I love her work in total. I rarely have this kind of appreciation.


Rosemary said...

I was just looking for this special types of pants !!

Anonymous said...

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