Wednesday, 9 January 2008

One of the main advantages in France is that you are forced to live in an ancient building. Wherever you go the beautiful buildings and houses stay with you.
It is no question that in the city of beauty, a coiffeur appointment is not only about cutting hair.
Austrialian born David Mallett, coiffeur of Paris Beautiful installed himself in the capital 20 years ago. He recently openened his stunningly decorated salon de coiffeure on 14, rue Notre Dame des Victoires in the 2nd arrondissement. Being the poor girl that I am, I never went to his salon but had the chance to visit his website for free get some inspiration from his incredible premises. Located in a typical parisian building with courtyard, patio and big bright windows it is no question that the salon is an eye candy. But it is more. The way he includes accessories from differnt countries in his working areas is well-decided. He perfectly put the australian ostriche as a symbol for beauty and sophistication right in the center of the different partitions. Can you imagine something more relaxing than an afternoon at his salon sipping tasteful Mariages Frères tea, getting styled-up with the perfect hair cut while smelling Diptyque candles all around. What a wonderful experience this must be! It is the typical french way of making a banal situation perfect, the french way of stage-managing glamour. At the end it is the result is what counts but I think already the experience is worth the price. Noted in my memory: David Mallett is for hair what Guy Savoy is for food. Time to save some money.
14 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires
75002 Paris
Infos : 01 40 20 00 23 et 01 40 20 00 24

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