Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Jalousie...A Story In Buenos Aires (Source V Magazine)

Are you jealous? I am not afraid to say that I am a jealous girl when it comes to real love. I wonder if real love can even exist without jealousie...The following artistic LOVE/HATE photo story published in V Mag shot by young argentine filmmaker SEBASTIAN FAENA. Actually, I did not know that jealousie could be that glamorous.
International superstar Angela arrives in town for her Blonde Venus world tour.

And to be with her man, a local bolero singer.

One night Angela watches Dolores perform.
Dolores had always been the other woman.

Until now.

Angela was suddenly abandoned.

And there could be no more self-deception.
All she wanted now was solitude in her despair.

And revenge.

The world wanted her and her alone, so none of the rest would ever matter

Photography: Sebastian Faena

Styling: Sofia Achaval

Fashion editor: Brian Molloy

Makeup: Sebastián Correa for Helena Rubenstein

Hair: Jeff Francis (The Wall Group)

Director of photography: Paola Rizzi A.D.F

Assistant director: Cecilia Glick

Stylist assistant: Grace Kapin

I am curious to see what comes next from Sébastian Faena born in 1980 in Buenos Aires. He is originally a film maker and seems to become a rising star on the fashion photographer's sky. This is worth to follow up on.

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