Friday, 11 January 2008

The Story Of Victoria And Marc

When rumours started about Victoria Beckham starring in this season's Marc Jacob's advertisement, a lively discussion arised. How can he, why did he, what does that mean and how would photographer Juergen Teller feel about his decision. Finally the big project is finalized and first photos are available on WWD.

"There was a lot of discussion about Victoria being in our ads and tons of blogs on the Internet about 'Should she or shouldn't she?,' 'What's going on with Marc Jacobs?,' and 'Has he lost his mind?'," Jacobs explained. "We thought the funniest thing would be to show the Victoria Beckham ads that don't show Victoria Beckham, but just to see those legs coming out of the bag."
This is really funny and even Victoria isn't insulted, no, she is amused because Marc is amused and she proofed once more nothing is impossible - sophistication means nothing.

Not only Victoria's legs will be starring. There are already photos with the whole product shown on their way of being published in February's Vogue.

When Marc was asked how he could choose especially her, a woman which appears worst-dressed-list year by year, he argued "Getting attention for being well-dressed or poorly dressed is great, because it is attention."
Indeed, and this is what Victoria and this campaign is all about. It will attract attention. For sure..


susie_bubble said...

I actually really like the ads... I think they could not have used her in a better way... in fact, there really is no other way they could have featured her in the ads without being tongue in cheek...

Katrin said...

You are totally right I agree. Anyways I am always shocked anew when it comes to her reaction. Nevertheless the add leaves me with the ambivalent feeling of being either ingenious or just calculated (with regards to attention).

Anonymous said...

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