Thursday, 10 January 2008

Glamorous Couples

Since I was 15 years I have mixed emotions observing other couples. When I was younger it was afflicted with more negative emotions than today, though. As a 16 year old I always thaught it must be quite boring to be with the same person everyday. In the flirting phase you are physically addicted then you start to fall in love having a balanced sexual life you and then you are getting lazy and common life consists of food and DVD's. I also have the openion that more than 50 % of couples stay in a "lala" relationship which means they are only together because the don't want to be alone. I changed my mind regarding my own situation, meeting my great love 7 years ago. If the relationship is "right" you will feel alright and slightly be bored of anything referring to your love.

Having said that, I have to admit that this was not what I originally wanted to talk about. This post should be a post about the contrary, meaning charming and glamorous couples that you could observe for others talking, being in silent or doing no matter what. One of these couples are austrian actress Romy Schneider
and french actor Alain Delon. He is probably the most beautiful men I have ever seen and she is one of the most inspiring, headstrong and stylish women that ever lived. Browsing through photos of her (I love her harmonic way of of dressing in sync with her body), I found out that photos of both are rare. The ones I found, apart from the cinema poster, are stunning. There is so much love and understanding visible without appearing as kitsch. Photos are not made for a newspaper, they seem authentic.
Romy and Alain met in 1958 when they were starring together in "Christine". They became engaged in 1959 and separated again in 1960. It is being said that Alain was her great love. He made her come to France and so she became a french icon. They stayed in contact until Romy died tired of the pains of live in 1982. What is still remaining from their love is Alain's farewell letter which has been curiously printed for

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Polly said...

Nice. Love the first picture and also her adorable haircut in the final shot -- it's so "Cindy Williams as Shirley."