Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Disruption: OFF BREAK

I shortly have to interrupt my off-break to post about the Diane von Furstenberg Spring-Summer 2008 Womens Ad Campaign I adore.

The campaign is as special as the whole set up:
The famous french photographer
François-Marie Banier walked with Natalia through the streets of Paris taking pictures whenever he saw the need for it. No stylists were present - the two of them were working alone.

"We went outside, and just walked around and talked," Vodianova recalled of the day and a half in Paris. "François-Marie would take pictures of me and, sometimes, he saw something special, he would...say, 'Don't move.' Then he would take the picture."

The pictures combine photography, painting and words, Banier adding dashes of color to the black-and-white photographs. A negative aspect of the campaign could be seen in not representing a clothing brand properly. I personally don't think so as fashion is art and why not play with this fact?

A link to an online art gallery along with further information on the project (like the making-of video clips) is available on the DvF Projects Site. It provides a great view inside their work and is a source of endless inspiration.

Von Fuerstenberg's explanation reveals the following: "I loved the idea of telling the story in an online art gallery," she said. "It shares the experience as an insider and preserves the integrity of the project....The film and the images reflect the story beautifully and show the emotion."

The campaign can be adored in March's magazine issues or now:

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