Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Theres A New Label In Town

Did you know spanish fashion laben Comentrigo? I didn't know until I read an interview on Milk Shake Chocolate.

Comentrigo is the brand of the two designers Aura Chavarria and Elena Maggi who started their careers working for Josep Font. The time to start their own brand in 2005 was right, when they won the ModaFad Award for best emerging designer in Barcelona.

Since then, their collections appeared twice on the catwalk in Barcelona. Their clothes are feminine and romantic and appeal a woman's body. I love their simple high waisted slim pants which show off perfectly combined with dallying blouses. Or, imagine going for a "I don't know what will happen tonight" wearing the glitter high waisted shorts. The most outstanding outfit should be guaranteed. I also appreciate these desigers keen sense of and black there any more out there?

Unfortunatelly, by now, they sell in Barcelona only. In the Milk Shake Chocolate interview they stated: "It is always very difficult that a store believes in a new product, it is important to insist and moreover to maintain sales, grow on sales with every collection…There is a lot of distrust with new designers. It is important to demonstrate reliability, regularity and moreover strength to resist the entire negative answers that are very popular at the beginning. It is very important to resist till your name sounds familiar, it is then when they start buying."

I hope to find some of their pieces all over Europe soon. In case you would like to continue reading the interview… (

Photo Source: DESFILES - by UGO CAMERA (F/W2007)
PRESS: Aura Chavarria
+34 659 55 10 55
SALES: Elena Maggi
+34 607 42 16 58


Cate said...

i didn't know the label either till i read about it here :) and i really like the high waisted glittery shorts too...

Libertygirl said...

Hey thanks for the link - I've returned the favour. And thanks for the heads up on this label too! LLG xx

Katrin said...

To Cate: Yes, the glittery short is incredible!
To Libertygirl: Thanks much, I regularly read your blog and I love it. I hope you have a nice fashion week!