Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Black And Blue And Blue And Black

Exactly one year ago I was preparing my exams in Paris visiting my permanent boyfriend in his temporary apartment in Montmatre. As there was perspective for a new job in Paris at that point of time, I spent a desperately black afternoon strolling around in cute little Montmatre boutiques finally buing some blue RAS heels which didn't bring me that much luck and have been sold last week at the depot vente around the corner where I live. I wish the current owner a lot of patience wearing them.

The whole process of buying the wrong shoes was accompanied by a chat with the boutique owner. He told me a bit about the living situation in Montmatre (which was très gentil) and then he tried to convince me to buy the most uncomfortable shoes I ever baught (which was less gentil). Taking and giving - we should benefit from each other. I was less sure about the colour (dark blue) and he replied something like "You need to buy these heels and combine them with black. There was a time when no one would wear black and blue ensemble but then Yves Saint Laurent started to combine them. As a result you will look incredibly sophisticated wearing them together." I was impressed. Vendors in Germany will never convince you with a certain knowledge about fashion. They indeed work in fashion but that does not mean anything.

I wore the shoes combined with black exactly one week later for a fashion blogger meeting organized by style scout. I would have loved to meet up with the iconic Susie Bubble, but...the shoes avoided it (see former post). So far this is what I associate with wearing black and blue together.

Nevertheless I was positively surprised to discover the colour combination on the runway for the Fall 2008 season.


Temperley/Proenza Schouler

Browsing though the Sartorialist's photos I also found it off the runway.
The Sartorialist for
Maybe I'll give it one more try.

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