Thursday, 7 February 2008

Rapunzel...Look At Her Hair

Before I write about my runway favorites from Fall RTW 2008 fashion week in NYC, I would like to focus on "runway hair". When I was young my favorite fairy tale was "Rapunzel" by the Grimm Brothers. Until I was 12 years old I had really long hair till my knee hollows. My hair has always been important to me. A women can be very beautiful, but when her her is broken, unhealthy or overcoloured she looks totally moche. Therefore I follow the runway looks with attention.

My favorite hair is healthy, long and has a natural colour. Moreover it is messy. Not messy like Cory Kennedy's but messy in a way of "undone appearance". I totally dislike the "trying too hard hairdo's" most "wanna-be-actresses" wear. They are trying too hard anyway, maybe this should be reflected in their hairstyle. I don't get it.

Coming back to fashion week...Thakoon and Peter Som's runway models acted out the best hair-do's. Glamorously teased and set in shape with light make-up at Thakoon, models looked vunerable and soft. Peter Som also went for teased hair, but in a more natural way. He emphazised on a stronger make-up with natural eyes and dark lips. I prefer his version. It is a real pleasure for my eyes.


Peter Som

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